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I am Farid Khan


A freelance Web Designer & <front-end developer>.I'm focused on developing semantic, usable and accessible websites that will make an online experience easy and fun.Website Design, User Interface Design,Logo/Identity Design.(SEO),(CMS) integration and mobile website design and optimisation.


Responsive Websites

More than 70% of smartphone owners go online regularly.I Create digitally responsive and creative Websites, and will help you choose the right mobile strategy and also optimize your website for iPhone, iPad,tablets, ipads and desktops

Your site displayed on all Platforms

Excellence in Design

My strategists will work with you to create a hand-crafted design of the utmost quality. I creat with love and care from scratch a clean and efficient layouts with updated technologies. MY symentic design will match your unique company brand and present your business in a professional way to your target Customers.

clean elegant & responive


I build all the codes that are Cross-Browser Compatible! Support for Chrome, Firefox, Opera , Safari, Internet Explorer . Optimized for IOS, Android and Windows!

Your site Looks good in all Browsers.

social media solutions
Marketing & SEO

Your brand is your identity. The future is now. What you do today will affect your brand sustainability tomorrow. I can create tailor made social media solutions to suit all requirements and work alongside any other forms of online marketing you are doing.